Hospital Naming Convention in eMEDS® and Related MIEMSS Electronic Data Systems

Recent changes in hospital names has increased the number of institutions that share name elements (such as corporate identity) resulting in confusion on the radio and challenges in presenting and finding institution names in eMEDS® and related data systems. To address this challenge MIEMSS has developed a “Common Name” convention for institutions posing communications and IT challenges. These Common Names have already been implemented in eMEDS®.

Below is a list for those institutions affected by these changes showing their former name (as previously used in eMEDS®) and the new Common Name now in eMEDS®. (Format: Former Name >> new Common Name)

Hospital Names in Data Systems


Chester River Hospital Center 

>> Chestertown (UMSRH)



>> Charles Regional (UM)


Dorchester General Hospital 

>> Dorchester (UMSRH)


Easton Memorial Hospital

>> Easton (UMSRH) 


Franklin Square Hospital Center

>> Franklin Square (MedStar)


Georgetown University Hospital

>> Georgetown University (MedStar)


Good Samaritan Hospital

>> Good Samaritan Hospital (MedStar)


Harbor Hospital

>> Harbor Hospital (MedStar)


Harford Memorial Hospital

>> Harford Memorial Hospital (UMUCH)


Howard County General Hospital

>> Howard County General Hospital (JHM)


Maryland General Hospital

>> Midtown (UM)


MedStar/Washington Hospital Center

>> MedStar Washington Hospital Center


Montgomery General Hospital

>> Montgomery Medical Center (MedStar)


National Rehabilitation Hospital

>> National Rehabilitation (MedStar)


Queen Anne's Emergency Center

>> Queenstown Emergency Center (UMSRH)


Sibley Memorial Hospital

>> Sibley Memorial Hospital (JHM)


Southern Maryland Hospital Center

>> Southern Maryland Hospital (MedStar)


St. Joseph Medical Center

>> St. Joseph (UM)


St. Mary's Hospital

>> St. Mary’s Hospital (MedStar)


Suburban Hospital

>> Suburban Hospital (JHM)


Union Memorial Hospital

>> Union Memorial Hospital (MedStar)


Upper Chesapeake Medical Center

>> Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UMUCH)


JHM - Johns Hopkins Medicine

UM - University of Maryland

UMSRH - University of Maryland Shore Regional Health

UMUCH - University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health System


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Call Disposition Training Module Now Available on the MIEMSS Online Training Center

Changes are coming to the Call Disposition section of the eMEDS® electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR). These changes will increase the accuracy of patient counts and improve compliance with COMAR by providing a means for all units to report responses in eMEDS® that meet local EMS Operational Program reporting practices. The functional reporting changes in eMEDS® (requiring different user reporting procedures) are found on the “Dispatch Info” tab under the ” Call Disposition” section of the Run Report. MIEMSS intends to implement this change in January 2014.

To assist EMS Operational Programs (EMSOPs) and providers prepare for this change, MIEMSS has created an interactive training module explaining the change and providing instructions on how to complete the Call Disposition section. This training module, “eMEDS® Call Disposition Update,” is available online at the MIEMSS Online Training Center under the Maryland eMEDS® Training and Updates section. As this change affects all EMS providers completing patient care reports in EMEDS®, providers should plan to complete this training by December 31, 2013, in anticipation of the change being implemented in early 2014.

Click to access the MIEMSS Online Training Center

Proposed Changes to Call Disposition of the eMEDS® Patient Care Report

MIEMSS, along with input from EMS stakeholders, is making a change to the Call Disposition section of the eMEDS® Patient Care Report. It is anticipated the change will be implemented early in the second half of 2013. To prepare for the change, we are making available an Interactive PDF on which care providers may practice working with the proposed changes. We are also providing a PowerPoint presentation and brief instructions on how to complete the report. A formal Online Learning System Module is in the works.

Click Here to access the Interactive PDF and supporting information.

EMAIS (legacy system)

The eMAIS program is actively being phased out.  When your agency makes the transition from eMAIS to eMEDS®, your agency provider’s ability to create new reports in eMAIS will be permanently disabled. eMAIS administrators of each EMSOP (EMS Operational Program) will continue to have administrative rights to pull historical data, however no new eMAIS reports can be created.

eMEDS® News & Information


Per COMAR regulations, it is REQUIRED that all EMS providers provide a WRITTEN short form with the patient if they can not complete the Official EMS Report prior to leaving the ED.