Privacy Policy

Data which MIEMSS collects is maintained in confidence under §14-501 and § 14-503 of the Health Occupations Article of the Maryland Code and COMAR MIEMSS will maintain as confidential any record and other information obtained by MIEMSS if that record or information identifies any person or is otherwise confidential under §14-501 or §14-503 of the Health Occupations Article of the Maryland Code or COMAR  Such records may be reviewed from time to time by medical review committees under the circumstances of confidentiality provided by §14-501 of the Health Occupations Article.

The data is also maintained in confidence under the privacy and security provisions of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the federal Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009, and regulations promulgated under those statutes, such statutes and regulations collectively referred to herein as “HIPAA”, to the extent they apply to a Business Associate.

MIEMSS collects protected health information from health care providers for use by MIEMSS and by medical review committees under §14-501 of the Health Occupations Article in order to:

  1. Evaluate and improve the quality of health care provided by providers of health care;
  2. Evaluate the need for and the level of performance of health care provided by providers of health care;
  3. Evaluate the qualifications, competence, and performance of providers of health care;  and
  4. Evaluate and act on matters that relate to the discipline of any provider of health care.

Protected Health Information is also made available to EMS Providers, EMS Operational Programs, and Hospitals for treatment, payment, and health care operations in accordance with the provisions of HIPAA, the Maryland Confidentiality of Medical Records Act, and COMAR

MIEMSS will exclude from disclosure any records or information excluded by federal or state law including HIPAA and the Maryland Public Access to Records Law frequently referred to as the “Public Information Act”, §10-611 et. seq. of the State Government Article.

With regard to licensing and certification records, MIEMSS will provide to the public upon request under §10-617(h) of the State Government Article:

  1. the name of the licensee or certificate holder;
  2. the business address of the licensee or certificate holder or, if the business address is not available, the home address;
  3. the business telephone number of the licensee or certificate holder;
  4. the educational and occupational background of the licensee or certificate holder;
  5. the professional qualifications of the licensee or certificate holder; and
  6. any orders and findings that result from formal disciplinary actions.

At the discretion of the custodian of records, the custodian may notify any person who could be adversely affected by disclosure of a record to the person seeking disclosure that a request for inspection or copying has been made.  The custodian may consider the views of the person notified before deciding whether to disclose the record.

If, in the opinion of the official custodian, disclosure of a public record that may otherwise be subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act would do substantial injury to the public interest, the request may be denied under COMAR

In the performance of the research obligations of MIEMSS and the State Emergency Medical Services Board, MIEMSS may share data with participants in research projects in which MIEMSS is a participant provided that the other participants engaged in the research comply with §10-624(e) of the State Government Article and HIPAA.

Records maintained by MIEMSS may be corrected under the procedures set forth in COMAR 30.01.05 and HIPAA. Questions regarding correction of records should be directed to the MIEMSS Public Information Office at (410) 706-3994.