Yellow Alert Monitoring Process

Each EMS Regional Council has identified specific geographic areas to monitor hospital yellow alert frequency and duration  on a daily basis. These areas consist of the following groupings of 24 hour Emergency departments or special services.

Region I: The 3 hospitals within Allegany and Garrett counties.
Region II: The 2 hospitals within Frederick and Washington counties.
Region IIIa: The 16 hospitals within Baltimore county and Baltimore city.
Region IIIb: The 6 hospitals within Anne Arundel, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties.
Region IV: The 7 hospitals within Caroline, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne's, Somerset,Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester counties.
Region Va: The 9 hospitals within Western Washington D.C. and Montgomery county.
Region Vb: The 10 hospitals within Eastern Washington D.C. and Prince George's county.
Region Vc: The 3 hospitals within Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's counties.

The graphs for Region III and V are provided to show the daily yellow alert demand based on the following formula:

              Total Number of daily minutes on yellow alert

      Number of hospitals*24 (hours)*60 *minutes

Thresholds for regional daily percent and the consecutive days at or above that level have been predetermined for phases of voluntary and/or mandatory compliance actions. Available historical trends have been included for reference.