Commercial Ambulance Licensing & Regulations

The State Office of Commercial Ambulance Licensing and Regulation (SOCALR) is a dynamic team committed to supporting the operations, leadership, and growth of the private commercial ambulance industry within the state of Maryland. Progress is the cornerstone of our mission as the world of EMS changes and the citizens of Maryland require that we change with it. 

It is our goal to protect the health, safety, and welfare of persons using commercial ambulance services.  We strive to accomplish this task through the conscientious development and modification of statewide requirements for commercial ambulance services and vehicles. We also endeavor to encourage and assist those interested and dedicated to becoming commercial ambulance operators to further advance the burgeoning private ambulance industry. 

For information on Commercial Ambulance Services, please see Frequently Asked Questions

* Commercial Ambulance Services are required to comply with all applicable local, State, and federal laws and regulations. The following web links are provided to assist you with the licensure process. Please note: the following resources are intended to serve as a reference, and do not represent all requirements for licensure.

For further assistance contact MIEMSS Department of Commercial Ambulance Licensing & Regulation; phone 410-706-8511; fax 410-706-8552 or via email:

Commercial Ambulance Applications & Forms

Specialty Care ApplicationSpecialty care application
Specialty Care Equipment ListSpecialty Care Equipment List
Quality Assurance Officer Designation FormQuality Assurance Officer Designation Form
Neonatal Equipment ListNeonatal Equipment List
Personnel ListThe personnel list
Upgrade/Downgrade Vehicle ApplicationApplication to upgrade/downgrade vehicle license
Vehicle Collision & Personal Injury Report FormVehicle Collision & Personal Injury Rpt Form
Transfer Vehicle License ApplicationApplication to transfer vehicle license
Temporary Downgrade Request FormForm to request temporary downgrade
Temporary Upgrade Request FormForm to request temporary upgrade
Neonatal Application The neonatal application
Application for Participation in an Optional/Pilot ProgramParticipation in Optional/Pilot Program Form
BLS Equipment ListMIEMSS/SOCLAR BLS Equipment List 2018
ALS Equipment ListMIEMSS/SOCALR ALS Equipment List 2018
5 & 35 Day Report5 & 35 Day Incident Report
Add Vehicle ApplicationApplication to add a vehicle
Fee Schedule - 2018-2019Fee Schedule - Effective November 1, 2018
Medical Director AgreementThe medical director agreement
Drop Vehicle ApplicationDrop Vehicle Application
Commercial Ground Service Licensing ApplicationCommercial Amb. Services License Application
Commercial Officers FormForm to list all of the Commercial Service Offers