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2021 Award Nomination Forms

Nomination forms for the 2022 Annual Stars of Life and Right Care When It Counts Awards.

MD Stars of Life Awards 2022

The Right Care When It Counts EMSC Award 2022

Office of Licensure and Certification

UMBC Emergency Health Service (EHS) students training

The MIEMSS Office of Licensure and Certification operates to fulfill its mission of promoting and facilitating the development of knowledgeable, skilled, and proficient emergency health care clinicians who practice in the Maryland EMS System. We believe that the provision of these services should have a customer-oriented focus, with our ultimate customer being the critically ill and injured citizens of Maryland.

In an effort to ensure that the citizens of Maryland have the most reliable and efficient emergency care, the Office of Licensure and Certification is responsible for providing training and continuing education opportunities to Maryland's volunteer and career emergency health care clinicians. This office is also responsible for coordinating course funding, and clinician compliance.

For further assistance contact MIEMSS Office of Licensure & Certification at (410) 706-3666 or toll free at (800) 762-7157.

Transition from Provisional to Full Certification/Licensure Status

The letters shown further below were sent to Provisional EMS Clinicians and describe the requirements to transition from a provisional status EMR, EMT, CRT or Paramedic to a fully licensed/certified status. The requirements vary, depending on certification/licensure level and the specific criteria by which an EMS clinician qualified for provisional status. MIEMSS encourages Provisional EMS Clinicians to remain part of Maryland's EMS System.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • All individuals who desire to progress from Provisional Status to Full Certification/Licensuremust file an application to do so within 180 days after the end of the emergency period.
  • To be eligible to progress from Provisional Status to Full Certification /Licensure, all requirements must be completed within the timeframe indicated.
  • Provisional Status personnel may provide EMS until end of emergency period + 180 days.
  • Paramedics may continue to provide EMS under their provisional NREMT certification until December 31, 2021.
  • ALL Provisional Statuses other than paramedics terminate at end of emergency period + 180 days.
  • COMAR applies to individuals who are reinstated.

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