Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team


The MIEMSS State Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team assists EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Dispatch Centers, and other responders in mitigating and responding to the normal emotional and psychological effects experienced following stressful responses and critical incidents. This is accomplished through education and training in advance of events and in individual and group discussions following critical incidents. The team is made up of volunteer peer support and licensed mental health personnel who have been trained to assist responders in dealing with normal reactions to abnormal events. Communications with the team are voluntary and confidential. Requests for the team are made by calling EMRC/SYSCOM.

Requests for the team are forwarded to the MIEMSS CISM Team Coordinator who then works with the appropriate Regional CISM Coordinator to respond the request. The team is organized by MIEMSS EMS Region with a regional coordinator and local team members in each region. The MIEMSS CISM team covers much of Maryland, however many larger Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement departments have their own local CISM teams. If you are covered by a local team, you should consult your team for information on how to request assistance. If you need assistance and are unsure how to access a team, contact EMRC/SYSCOM and the MIEMSS CISM Team Coordinator will connect you with the appropriate team.

To request a CISM response, call EMRC/SYSCOM at 1-800-648-3001. 
For questions - contact the MIEMSS Team Coordinator via email at

Maryland Critical Incident Stress Management Poster / Download QR code version

CISM Crisis Reaction (PDF document)