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Administrator Guide for Unlocking Accounts

Prior to Licensure & Certification’s online system (eLicensure), MIEMSS used a system called the Maryland Prehospital Provider Registry (MPPR). This was the system or record that stored all certification records for past, and current providers. Users were added to this system after they obtained a certification and assigned a provider ID number. By default, provider’s username was their provider ID number. In MIEMSS’ new eLicensure system, the first step to certification is to create a profile. After profile creation, users would login and complete any appropriate application. By default, eLicensure creates a username using the user’s name as they do not yet have a provider ID number. Older profiles transferred from MPPR to eLicensure retained their original username as it was assigned.

eMEDS Release Notes

  • Modify Question Regarding PUI Criteria
    • The selections for the question of, “Which criteria did this patient meet?” has been modified to the following:
      • Travel History [remove]
      • Fever
      • Muscle Aches [add]
      • New loss of Sense of Smell or Taste [add]
      • Respiratory Symptoms
      • Contact with COVID Positive Patient
  • Remove Default Answer
      • To assist with the creation of validation rules, and proper data collection, the default answer of “No” has been removed from the question, “Viral Syndrome Pandemic Triage Protocol Used?"
    • New Value for “Signature Status”
      • The selection of, “Not Signed - Patient Contamination Concern” has been added to the available choices for “Signature Status” within the eMEDS report when capturing a signature.
    PDF Release Note

    • Signature Reason & Language
      • The option for “Release at Scene” has been made active for the Signature Reason in order to capture a signature from the patient (or patient representative) who qualifies for home self-care under the emergency protocol entitled, “Viral Syndrome Pandemic Triage Protocol.”
      • Signature Language has been added when the following conditions are applied
      • Type of Person Signing equals:
        • Patient; or
        • Patient Representative
      • Signature Reason equals:
        • Release at Scene
      • Signature Language:
        • I (or my guardian) have been informed regarding the state of my present physical condition to the extent I allowed an examination, and I (or my guardian) hereby acknowledge that I am a candidate to stay at home and self-care and am willingly staying home as recommended by representatives of the EMS System above. I (or my guardian) do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators and assigns forever release and fully discharge said EMS system, its officers, employees, medical consultants, hospitals, borrowed servants or agents from my and all conceivable liability that might arise from this recommendation and I (and my guardian) therefore agree to hold them completely harmless. I understand should my condition worsen that I can call 911.
    • New Question: Test Positive for COVID-19
      • The following question has been added to the COVID-19 panel in eMEDS
        • Question: Patient tested positive (by lab test) for COVID-19 within the past 14 days?
          • Yes: Tested and Confirmed Positive for COVID-19
          • No: Tested and Confirmed Negative for COVID-19
          • Unknown: Test and Awaiting Results
          • Not Tested: Patient has not been tested.
    PDF Release Note
    • New Panel: On Scene Screening?
      • The emergency protocol entitled “Viral Syndrome Pandemic Triage Protocol” check list, has been implemented in eMEDS.
      • This panel will only be visible to those jurisdictions that have made the proper notification to the Office of the Medical Director that they will be implementing this protocol.
      • By default, the question of, “Viral Syndrome Pandemic Triage Protocol Used?” is answered as “No”. After selecting “Yes” the check list questions will appear.
      • As soon as a “shaded box” is selected, the clinician will not be asked any additional checklist questions and the only available answer for the final question of “Did the patient quality to remain at home” will be “No”.
      • Patient phone number added for ease of entry if patient does remain at home for future follow up.

    PDF Release Note

    • New Question: Is this patient a PUI for Coronavirus?
      • Under the new section called ”COVID-19,” clinicians will find a new question asking if the patient is a Person Under Investigation (PUI) for Coronavirus. If the clinician answers “Yes”, then a validated field asking the clinician to select the criteria that the patient meets to make them a PUI for Coronavirus
    • New Question: COVID-19 Follow-up Call?
      • When “Type of Call” is selected as, “Mobile Integrated Community Health (MICH)” a new question asking if this is a COVID-19 Follow-up will appear with a yes/no response.
    PDF Release Note
    • Facility Name Update
      • "Western Maryland Regional Medical Center - 395" updated to "Western Maryland (UPMC) - 395"(RQID-00211)
    • Run Form Layout Update
      • Add Date/Time Unit Arrive on Scene [eTimes.06] in read only format and Date/Time At Patient Side [eTimes.07] at the bottom of the disposition page (RQID-00211)
      • Move Cardiac Arrest Section under Provider Actions, above TOR/POD Section (RQID-00212)
      • Move questions from Patient Condition to Transport Mode Page and relabel page to "Transport Disposition" (RQID-00218)
      • Signature Grid: Add "Transfer to Healthcare Clinician" to quick selection list. (RQID-00208)
      • Add Last Known Well Time [eSituation.18] above Date/Time of Symptom Onset [eSituation.01] (RQID-00201)
      • Modification of Vitals Grid on Run Form (RQID-00202)
    • Validation Updates
      • Validate Assessment/Exam Grid when Date/Time At Patient Side [eTimes.07] is not blank. (RQID-00221)
      • Validate Chief Complaint Grid when Date/Time At Patient Side [eTimes.07] is not blank. (RQID-00220)
      • CARES Validation (RQID-00209)
        • Resuscitation Attempted by EMS [eArrest.03] will flag when:
          • Resuscitation attempted by 911 responder [itArrest.014] is equal to “Yes” AND
          • Resuscitation Attempted by EMS [eArrest.03] is blank AND
          • AED Use prior to EMS Arrival is equal to “No”
    • Visibility Rules Update
      • End of Event Visibility Rules (RQID-00215)
    • Update label of the drop down choices in “Airway Grade”, under Airway Confirmation. This section can be located in the “Airway ALS” tab of the run form. (RQID-00078)
      • “Grade 1” label changes to “Grade 1: All of cords/all of structure”
      • “Grade 2” label changes to “Grade 2: Some of Cords/Some of structure”
      • “Grade 3” label changes to “Grade 3: No cord/Some of structure”
      • “Grade 4” label changes to “Grade 4: No cords/No structure”
    • Validation Rule Change: Date/Time of Cardiac Arrest will only become validated if “Arrest Witnessed By (CARES-19)” is NOT equal to “Not Witnessed”. (RQID-00052 & RQID-00073)

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