2021 Award Nomination Forms

Nomination forms for the 2022 Annual Stars of Life and Right Care When It Counts Awards.

MD Stars of Life Awards 2022

The Right Care When It Counts EMSC Award 2022

Educational Support Services


To contribute to MIEMSS' vision of eliminating preventable death and disability by providing to the public essential information on how to recognize an emergency, summon an EMS response, and incorporate injury prevention methods in their daily lives, as well as designing and developing educational programs for EMS clinicians through state-of-the-art technology.

The Office of Educational Support Services provides education and information to Maryland's Emergency Medical Services clinicians and the general public through training modules, informative programs, and written publications. These are developed, designed, and produced by the staff and distributed statewide.

For media inquiries, please contact Jim Brown by phone at (410) 706-3994 or by pager at: (410) 475-9691 or email: jbrown@miemss.org

Public Information Act Requests

The § 4-503 of the General Provisions Article representative (agency's designated PIA contact person) for the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS), the State Emergency Medical Services Board, and the State Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board is:

James Brown

Director, Educational Support Services

Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems


653 West Pratt Street

3rd Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201



Public Record requests may be directed to Mr. Brown.


Public Records may also be obtained online from the MIEMSS website home page under Online Services – Data Request Form.

A number of records are available directly to the public from the MIEMSS website under the Documents tab. In addition, the following information is available for licensed or certified EMS clinicians:

(1) the name of the clinician;

(2) the business address of the clinician;

(3) the business telephone number of the clinician;

(4) the educational and occupational background of the clinician;

(5) the professional qualifications of the clinician; and

(6) any orders and findings that resulted from formal disciplinary actions.