Renewal Certification & Licensure Requirements

All Maryland pre-hospital providers are required to obtain a specified amount of continuing education credits prior to the expiration date indicated on their provider ID card. To be eligible for continuing education credit hours, a course must be reviewed by MIEMSS prior to its administration, and assigned a continuing education (CE) number and category. Continuing education category descriptions can be found here.

It is the provider's responsibility to see that all documentation of CE course completion is forwarded to MIEMSS so that credit can be applied to the provider's continuing education record. All provider continuing education is updated frequently and may be viewed on the MIEMSS home page.

 Renewal Requirements Comparison (select the provider level for more info.)

  Continuing Education (CE)


Skills   Medical
Local/2   Refresher


6 hrs AND  2 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs OR 12 hrs


12 hrs AND 4 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs OR 24 hrs


Medical Director AND 36 hrs CE AND 36 hrs


Medical Director AND 24 hrs CE AND 48 hrs


EMD Program AND CPR*5 ~ ~ AND *4

*1 – A current and valid NREMT certification may be utilized for renewal of Maryland EMT.

*2 – CRT’s originally licensed after July 1, 2001.

*3 – all providers at the Paramedic and CRT with National Registry levels must maintain and adhere to the continuing education and renewal requirements of the National Registry of EMT’s.

*4 – EMDs must meet the continuing education requirements of their respective EMD Program.

*5 – EMDs with a disability which prevents the performance of the practical portion of a CPR training course, must document the successful completion of both the didactic portion of the CPR training course and the CPR course written examination within the previous 18 months.